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Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan?

IT is essential to our everyday lives, and nowhere is this truer than in business. From researching information, maintaining services and systems, and communicating via the internet, the clear majority of our daily business tasks involve IT.

Downtime of IT systems, through security breaches or malicious attacks such as ransomware can be disastrous to your company and its productivity. If such an event were to occur, would you or your employees know what to do?

Having a strategic IT business continuity plan is essential, and our experts have highlighted a few reasons why below.

Business Contingency Plan

1. Minimises loses

Whenever a business encounters IT disruption, a solid contingency plan can help to ensure that your losses in production are minimised during this downtime.

This may involve the rerouting of internet services from an outside source, accessing data and ongoing projects via cloud services, or even diverting workflow to non-IT based tasks depending upon the situation at hand.

Business continuity plans help restore production as soon as possible, despite the IT problems, and means that your employees will continue to work effectively and your losses during this time will be reduced as much as possible.

2. Prevents panic

If an unforeseen event occurs with negative consequences, it is natural for people to panic, and this includes even the most highly trained staff members.

By having a clear business continuity plan to follow, employees will move quickly into recovery mode rather than looking around waiting for some form of instruction. If employees know what they should be doing without having to be instructed, this leaves the management team the time to work with the IT department to locate and reverse the problems as quickly as possible.

As such, all team members should be well versed in your IT contingency plan.

3. Increases flexibility

Not only does a business continuity plan allow a business to envisage and subsequently plan for the worst, they also allow a business to become better adept at predicting and then managing any future problems. Contingency plans may stress certain courses of action depending upon the problem, but by understanding the thought processes behind the plans, employees and businesses will become better trained to react appropriately in any situations which threaten to negatively affect business.

At CARA we pride ourselves on offering proactive IT support, managed disaster recovery and business continuity planning services to SMEs throughout the Northwest. By offering a range of bespoke and tailored services to suit your business needs, we can help to ensure your company’s IT infrastructure will remain secure as you grow and develop, working closely with each customer enables us to create a robust business contingency plan. For more information about our services please contact us today.

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