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Cyber Security Audit

CARA Technology have decided to act in bringing customers a Cyber Security Audit program.  It will help combat IT security threats and prevent significant loss to your business.

We all know most small business are not doing enough about their IT security and there are several reasons:

  • Small businesses are too busy

  • Most don’t know where to start

  • It costs too much to do anything about it

Cyber Security Audit by CARA

Our focus on IT support and infrastructure compliance gives our customers confidence, enabling them to concentrate on their primary business functions. Constant changes in technology and software development, criminals develop methods which take advantage of weaknesses.

CARA Technology works alongside agencies who work with the government on cyber security initiatives. Those company’s specialist field is to continually find new ways to combat illegal activity and protect business and the public.  Their system enables us to perform deep analysis of your IT infrastructure, listing potential issues to be addressed along with critical fixes.

How a Cyber Security Audit Works

IT Audit Assessment
Security Assessor Discussion
IT Security Scan
Cyber Security Audit Report
Cyber Security Fixes

Book an Assessment

Assessor Visit

IT System Scan

Analysis Report

Implement IT Security Fixes

Using reports generated from the cyber security audit, we can provide complete works to address all items or create lists that prioritise items to help spread the cost of updates and hardware replacements.

Once all is complete, we can provide further reassurance by introducing you to an insurance specialist who, if you are maintaining a secure system, will provide a policy which recuperates any financial loss, should your business be a victim of a cyber security attack.

CARA Technology understand the difficulties in keeping current and protected, so contact us to discuss the cyber security audit and start working toward a secure future.  Call 01625 615384 or visit our contact page for more details.

CARA Technology’s focus in small to medium sized businesses has enabled them to develop cyber security strategies which protect their customers. Cyber security is not an additional service, it is as important as the software you create designs on, or write emails in, or manage your accounts in. Without it, businesses are susceptible to attack which can result in a total loss of data and functionality. Costly to any size operation.

Based in Cheshire with offices in Macclesfield, CARA Technology provide IT services through the region including Manchester and North Wales.  Our IT support packages and services are developed for small to medium sized business, from 1-2 people through to multi-site management. CARA is seen as their customer’s IT department, providing all functions and support needed.

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