Switching to StorageCraft Saves Company £70,000

Westbrook Industrial Limited has a 20 year track record for supplying services to warehousing, manufacturing and logistics industries.

These services include labelling and safety solutions. Since its inception in 1995, it has enjoyed considerable growth, counting top 3PL (third party logistics providers) in the UK, amongst its customers.

IT Disaster Recovery with CARA Technology

“This is critical – it’s not about if you are going to be attacked – it’s about when. When you take it from being a possibility to an inevitability then your mindset changes on how you deal with it”

Tony Gresty – MD Westbrook Industrial Limited

In recent times, they have taken a very proactive approach to Cyber Security – with MD Tony Gresty leading the way.

“Like most companies we have seen spam emails and some very obvious fake emails – these are generally caught by our spam filters or are so obviously fake that they are not a problem.”

However, alarm bells were raised earlier this year when they saw a marked increase in Spoof emails (i.e. emails made to look like they have been sent from a trusted source, often mimicking internal correspondence).

As Tony points out
“When an email looks as if it comes from a trusted source then you have no reason to be suspicious and of course you will open it “

Westbrook outsource their IT to CARA Technology – a firm of IT specialists with a 25 year track record of delivering solutions to industry.

Tony contacted CARA to see how the problem of the spoof emails could be dealt with. As CARA explained, these are notoriously difficult to isolate. The upshot being – vigilance was key.

Tony is not a man to sit back and wait for things to happen! He asked CARA to look at how they would deal with an attack – and how Westbrook could ensure that any attack would have minimum disruption to the business.

What’s the difference between Backup and Disaster Recovery?

A backup is simple a copy of your data. What many people don’t realise is that its not always guaranteed that this can be restored. Disaster Recovery guarantees the recovery of data within an agreed period of time (a Recovery time Objective – RTO) and also guarantees a minimum loss of data ( Recovery Point Objective – RPO). CARA, utilizing StorageCraft, offer an RTO of 4 hours and RPO of 2 hours.

CARA went ahead and installed StorageCraft and, as it transpires, not a moment too soon.

IT Recovery Just in time…

Less than 4 weeks after the installation, Westbrook fell victim to a Cyberattack. What did this mean for them?

Tony recalls, “I first became aware of the problem in the afternoon – we notified CARA. They instructed us to log out of the system. They very quickly identified and isolated the problem. Within 45 minutes we were back at work.”

“Were we pleased? Absolutely. Not only did Cara exceed the agreed RPO & RTO; it became apparent, had we been using our previous backup solution, it would have taken us 24 hours or more to get back up and running. A day’s downtime, based on revenue is at least £70,000. So for us StorageCraft has already earned its keep and more!”

In spite of this result neither Westbrook nor CARA are complacent. “Since that attack we have taken extra measures – both in training and adding new products.”

“My advice to any company is to review your cyber strategy and procedures every 3 months. Be sure to have an excellent Disaster Recovery plan in place.”

Tony Gresty – MD Westbrook Industrial Limited