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This is a free tool to check if your email address has been used or stolen without you knowing.

Criminals are targeting business and call themselves hackers!

Within seconds, you can check if your email address has been stolen or used in a compromising way.  Enter it into the box on the right and we’ll run it through a system which utilises a comprehensive database of email addresses and passwords that have been stolen recently.

Input an email address below to check if its been compromised.


By entering your email address, you agree that we will keep you up to date by sending you e-mails with cyber security advice, and other ways to protect your business. You can, of course, unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of any email we send.

If your email has been used or put at risk, it is possible that cyber criminals have used it to  access your systems.  Please contact us immediately if you are notified of this and we will help you as quickly as possible.  You can call us on 01625 615384.

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