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Dedicated IT Help Desk Services

At the centre of everything we do, is our network operation centre (NOC). This is where CARA Technology provide  IT help desk services to contract customers and pay-as-you-go clients. In recent years, we have invested in NOC technology including award winning products from Autotask and Solarwinds.

NOC Technology provides performance reports which enable us to work proactively helping reduce customers need to report system problems. This ensures a more reliable IT infrastructure in your company and gives us more time to provide a personal service to those with other issues.

The investment does not stop here, we are continually developing our systems, employees and adopting the latest software to make your experience better and the value you receive beyond that of others in the industry.

This means our customers can be certain their issues will be resolved in the fastest and most efficient way. This delivers least downtime and greatest value for all of our customers thanks to an effective IT help desk service.

“Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.”
– H. James Harrington
We can’t access our server, can you help?2019-05-09T15:22:07+00:00

Following a scheduled update, the server required a power cycle, a CARA Technician was able to do this remotely and the customer was operational within 15 mins of us receiving the call.

Nobody can open PDF files across our network this morning.2019-05-09T15:22:28+00:00

A driver update was required on the customers server following a Microsoft Office software update.  The CARA Technician established, updated and tested on several terminals before reporting a successful resolve.

My Office 365 account has been compromised, what do I do?2019-05-09T15:23:05+00:00

Treated as an high priority request, CARA quickly established if this was a user or organisation level problem.  The customer had clicked onto an email link and added their credentials, thinking it was a legitimate email request from Microsoft.  It was therefore only user level, so their password was changed and their system checked for any IT Security breaches.  At the same time, a second engineer was running a network level audit to ensure nothing had passed through the users terminal.  Fortunately our preventative measures had prevented any spread, the network was safe and the user was free to continue working shortly after.

I need a new software program adding to my PC, ASAP please.2019-05-09T15:22:46+00:00

Our IT engineer contacted the customer to establish the software name and version, as well as the licensing information.  It was then added to the machine, registered with the manufacturer and made ready for the customer to start using it 2 hours later.

I can’t print the PDF, what is wrong?2019-05-09T15:23:56+00:00

After some investigating, it resulted in accidental damage, caused by, it was presumed, the cleaners.  They had broken the network cable plug connecting the printer to the wall socket, it was therefore not connected to the network.  We gave the customer the option of us sending a new cable for them to replace the damaged on or for us to go that day.  A technician was on site 1 hour later with a new cable, reconnected the printer and tested it before leaving.

Could you create VPN access for me as I’m travelling with work.2019-12-02T13:39:47+00:00

Our apprentice T1 technician accessed the customers laptop, created and tested the new VPN connection and completed the requested work, only 10 minutes after it had been placed.

Can I restore a file?2019-05-09T15:24:11+00:00

The customer contacted the Cara Help-desk as they were unable to locate a PDF Cad drawing in a company shared folder. After speaking to the customer it became clear that the file had been accidentally over written. Using our data recovery system, we were easily able to locate the named file from a previous snapshot and restore the file in a timely manner.