Hosting and Cloud IT Solutions

Hosting and cloud IT solutions by CARA Technology are researched, recommended and implemented, following detailed consultations to ensure we understand the current and future needs of your business.

Our experience in dealing with small to medium businesses drives the careful approach we take in being a company partner, rather than just another supplier.

Businesses and individuals are now looking to become more efficient in their IT infrastructure which brings more security in data storage and privacy benefits. Hosted and cloud IT services can help improve capacity, mitigate hardware failure risk and bring regular updates to your IT software which previously, could have been cost prohibitive.

Individuals, small to medium businesses and other organisations will find real benefit, so feel free to call us to discuss the hosting and cloud solutions which we could offer.

Cloud Computing
Hosted Storage

Hosted Storage

Images, files, work, how ever you describe it, data is valuable, so keep is safe, secure and easy to reach.  CARA’s experience and industry knowledge means you will receive the most appropriate recommendations to keep you free to store.

Hosted Servers

Hosted Servers

Customers with in-house servers know it could fail at any time, hosted servers remove that risk.  Our customers also travel more, so remote and rapid access is becoming the standard requirement, which hosted servers can provide.  We know and care enough to make things right for you.

Hosted Apps

Incredible Options

Avada is loaded with useful options that allow you to quickly and easily customize your site. These options allow you to create unique layouts that stand out to your viewers.

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Office 365 solutions take you beyond the office.

We will guide you in finding the optimum package to suit your business and individual needs, so you can concentrate on your business.
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Full support with unbiased advice and honest pricing should reassure you of a reliable and trustworthy partner for your business.
We make it our business to stay ahead of the latest software and hardware technology because at some point, our customers will ask us what is next for their business.
We operate a diagnostics system which enables us to find and prevent 90% of problems before they occur, and when they do we respond with a swift and methodical approach.
Do you have lots to store?  Where do you store it? Is it secure?  Is it backed up? These are the basic questions you should be able to answer about your precious content.  Let’s face it, your data must be precious, otherwise why are you storing it?  But, storage is not only about storing for the long term, you can store for next week, or store until someone retrieve it, or even store it for your presentation later.  The important part is to be aware of the options CARA can provide.
We all know that technology moves fast and yet the company server is always the final item to be considered, which usually happens when it fails, or if there is a major glitch.  Of course by this stage, you may have lost days, weeks, months or move, worth of valuable data.  CARA can reduce your risk massively, we select of the most secure and stable hosted servers to suit your business and proactively monitor it which helps prevent loss.
Apps, apps and more apps, it’s nothing new, we just knew them as software applications before.  The new thing is you can now have the latest software, all the time, not just once every 3 years or so.  Buying into cloud applications keeps you safe and secured, not to mention being furnished with the latest developments, any yet none need to take up valuable resource in your office any more.

We will help manage you into the hosted environment, then we will take care of you!