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The IT Security Challenge

Information and technology based security has never been so important with companies investing heavily in both to help their organisations become more efficient, and to protect again those who wish to access, damage, disable and destroy corporate property through cyber crime and security flaws.

At CARA Technology, we take an approach of caution and integration. Understanding the security risks allows us to build networks in the most secure way possible. Unfortunately nothing remains the same, so we engage anti-virus and security organisations to stay up-to-date in the fight against cyber criminals.

IT Security Solutions

Is it locked away?

The majority of people believe they are safe until they are compromised.

Thought it was secure?

No matter the size of your company the reality is, there is someone out their with intentions to do damage, corrupt or upset someone.

What is your information worth?

How much would it cost the business if everything was lost because you clicked the wrong link?

It could be worth a huge amount to someone

Ruthless individuals need to eat, only they pay for their food with your misery.

Do you store data correctly?

Is it saved on a server or your PC? Most company PC's are not as secure as they should be.

Beat them before they beat you!

A secured server with regular backups will save you from losing potentially years of information, and some data which is critical to your business.

Apart from being a trusted partner to our customers, we invest in IT security services and fully engage with anti-virus software companies to ensure we use the most suitable systems to protect the applications our customers use. Additionally, we keep up-to-date on trends and developments in IT security and cyber crime. Standard practice for us is to test before we recommend, so we can have confidence in our offers.

We know it’s not an easy subject to deal with as it seems to be an unquantifiable cost, however we’ve seen the cost and disruption caused from cyber attacks and have developed services and solutions to manage disaster recovery in an extremely efficient way, so feel free to talk to us and find out your options.

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Your users are the weak point when it comes to IT security

No matter how large the headlines over the latest malware, viruses or online attacks, or how well your company provides IT training, employees in a growing workforce remain the biggest weak point in IT security. They can bring in personal memory sticks or devices loaded with viruses, open up spam emails or visit rogue websites on work machines, and far worse, often with no realisation that they are creating a security threat to your company.

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Is your email safe?

Check if your email address has been compromised and if you are now at risk…

Check your email now!

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