Managed IT Support for Business Charged Monthly

Life often throws up challenges and this can certainly be the case with your IT systems. Depending on the complexity of your IT solution, unexpected issues can cost your business both in time and money.

Our clients tell us that our managed monthly IT support gives them peace of mind for the following reasons:

  • Fixed monthly cost with no unexpected bills,
  • Reduced downtime, and
  • Better performance and lifespan from existing systems.

For a small monthly fee, our monthly managed support will allow you to benefit from all of the advantages of having your own IT systems, without the worry and risk, and for a fraction of the cost.

Monthly IT Support
Having managed our own IT for several years, we simply ran out of time to keep up with developments and the time to maintain our systems, so we contacted CARA Technology and started our conversations.

After an in depth review of our software and IT usage, the guys at CARA were able to provide a seemingly simple solution while taking responsibility for our needs. Among several services and software solutions, we also chose the monthly support package.

The support provided has been brilliant. If we experience any problems, we let the guys know and they deal with it. Our server no longer has any problems, in fact it is monitored to help prevent disasters, which is very reassuring given how reliant we are on the information and further more, people have stopped asking me for help… I was never very good anyway!

Dave Grundy, ASG Services
CARA have been an integral part of our growth, initially working with the business in the early 90’s when we had just one site.

CARA are our IT department, they deliver all IT requirements from IT strategy to IT Help-desk and everything in between.

Information Technology is fundamental to our business, unplanned downtime would result in lost business and therefore it is imperative that our systems are constantly available.

CARA’s Managed Service Platform constantly monitors our equipment ensuring that we get the best possible reliability and performance from our systems.

Mike Oliver, KC Autos